Touchless Infrared Forehead Thermometer with Digital LCD Display


  • High precision infrared-sensored fever thermometer with digital lcd screen for quick, easy and accurate temperature readings; toggle between Celsius (C) and Fahrenheit (F) unit measurements
  • Dual mode for body temperature readings (for adults and kids alike) and object temperature readings (bath water, baby milk, etc); stores up to 50 previous readings for comparison and progress checks
  • Easily hold, aim and press within 3-5 cm of the person/object and get the reading in seconds on the lcd display (backlight enabled for night time readings)
  • Touchless design to help prevent the spread of infection and minimize the number of cleanings in between readings; Use on forehead, wrist or behind the earlobe for body temperature
  • Thermometer temperature ranges from 50F - 104F (10C - 40C) with no more than a 0.54F (0.3C) error of measurement; requires 2-AAA batteries and has low battery indicator for you to prepare in advance

Daily temperature readings are crucial to being informed, mitigating the spread of infections and keeping loved ones safe and healthy.

This no-touch IR thermometer is a must have in your homes, offices and business for quick and reliable fever checks.

Easily get accurate readings for multiple family members and employees without the need to clean in between use for efficiency and safety.

FDA medical device tested and registered.

Product Specs

Measurement Distance: 1-2 inches (3-5 cm)

Measurement Range

- Body Temperature Mode: 89.6F - 109.2F (32C - 42.9C)

- Object Temperature Mode: 50F - 104F (10C - 40C)

Error of Measurement

- If within body temperature 95F - 107.6F (35C - 42C)  0.4F (0.2 C)

- If outside body temperature 95F - 107.6F (35C - 42C)  0.54F (0.3 C)

Storage Instructions

- Keep thermometer away from direct sunlight

- Store in clean, dry environment 41F - 113F (5C - 45C)

In the Box

(1) IR Thermometer

(2) Medical Device Certification

(3) Instruction Manual

(4) 2xAAA Batteries